Is Flushable Cat Litter Safe for Pregnant Women?

Cat Litter Box

Many companies have recently designed all natural, 100% biodegradable cat litters made from a variety of different materials. We now have available to us cat litter that is made from paper, aspen, walnut shells, corn, wheat and other materials. These products are eco-friendly and have made a drastic impact on the waste left from cat litter in our landfills. Some of these cat litter suppliers are also advertising their products as flushable, which could drastically cut back on the amount of plastic bags used to clean cat litter boxes each year.

Cat Litter Box

How Does It Compare to Clay Litter?

Flushable litters are not only safer for our landfills, but they are also safer for our lungs. Clay litters produce a lot of dust which contains crystalline silica. Prolonged exposure to silica dust can lead to respiratory issues and lung disease for you and you cat. Another great feature about flushable litters is that they are made from natural materials which crumble and disperse in water. Therefore, if a cat were to ingest the litter it would not expand to absorb moisture, it would simply break down and your cat would be able to pass it through its digestive tract.

Will it Clog My Toilet?

Although these products disperse in water and are approved flushable, they must be flushed in very small quantities to prevent drain clogs. Even when flushing small amounts of litter at a time, there is still a risk of clogging. You may also have to use several flushes to push the litter down, which wastes water.

Before You Flush… Read This

Before you flush your litter down the toilet, have your cat tested to make sure that he or she does not carry parasites that could be transferred into the water from flushing its waste.

Cats are the primary hosts of the parasite Toxoplasma gondii which is transmitted to other animals through fecal matter. Water treatment facilities are not designed to kill this parasite and therefore it could spread to rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water.

What is Toxoplasma gondii?

T.gondii is a parasite that is usually transferred to cats from consuming infected rodents or raw meat. This parasite can also be transferred to humans with weakened immune systems, such as, pregnant woman or people with AIDS. Scientists also suspect this parasite to be harmful to aquatic life, and could possibly be the cause of premature death in sea otters.

Even if your cat litter states that it is flushable, it may be safer just to throw it away. You will still help the environment by using biodegradable products without having to worry about wasting or polluting our water.

Steps for a healthy pregnancy

It is important for every expectant mother to make the necessary changes in her life to make sure her pregnancy goes well. It is emotionally and physically draining to bring a new life into this world and the journey will be trying at times but also filled with joy. There are a few things that every new mother can do to make sure she aids the pregnancy and takes better care of herself so that nothing bad happens. Click here to read more about vitamins and minerals every pregnant woman needs. It is in your hands to boost your chances of having any problems during your pregnancy.

Steps for a healthy pregnancy

The first step is to make sure you get early prenatal care. You need to see a doctor or healthcare provider as soon as possible for a prenatal visit. This will allow you to screen any problems and make sure you are prepared for any complications that might occur. There are mothers that have had diabetes during their pregnancy and other conditions that needed treatment. You can tackle any complications before they happen by knowing about it as soon as possible. Look around for the best provider and find one that you can trust and feel comfortable with as you will be taking a long and trying journey together.

You need to exercise more. This is quite a tough one to understand but by keeping your body fit and strong you will be able to handle the birthing process a lot easier. You don’t have to overdo it as this might be bad for you but keep yourself active and don’t see your pregnancy as an illness that makes you bedridden. With a bit of careful weightlifting and cardio exercises you will be ready for whatever you have to face. Take a look at this home workout for ideas and tips on using dumbbells for exercises. You might have to consult your doctor first when deciding what you should do.

As a new mother it is also crucial to watch what you eat as craving might lead you on the wrong path. Even if you feel like eating a lot of junk you shouldn’t. There are only a few mothers lucky enough to crave the good stuff. Make sure you steer clear of dangerous foods like undercooked eggs and meat or unpasteurized dairy products. Do research on the best things for your pregnancy and stick to that. Click here to take a look at some dangerous foods for pregnancy. Prenatal vitamins are very important and it is not just a gimmick. Make sure you use them and the ones that cater for your needs. There are various rules that you should stick to during your pregnancy and if you have a current chronic condition it is even more important. You need to be well-rested and calm most of time. Take time out to relax but keep active and occupied. It is scary to go through a pregnancy but with the right steps you will deliver your little bun with no complications.

The Safest Exercises During Pregnancy

Some of us are unfortunate enough to think that pregnancy is our green light to eat whatever we want. It is unfortunate, because that means we can potentially put on 60lbs. And then, we will be forever trying to take it back off. So, rather than doing something that dumb, consider learning more about the safest exercises during pregnancy.

We understand that you might really want to return to your longboarding days. And, those longboards reviews of 2017 seem hugely fascinating. But, standing on a 41 inch, laminated maple deck, bolstered by expensive wheels and trucks is probably not a good idea. As much as you might want to go carving down the slope a short distance from your home, foot braking and 360 kick flips should not be part of your current exercise routine. You can do those after you have the baby. For now, stick to the suggestions that follow.

The Safest Exercises During Pregnancy

7 Exercises for Mom and Baby on the Way

Pregnancy can be a wonderful experience. It does not have to be your excuse for getting fat, like it was ours. Learn from our mistakes and utilize these 7 exercises for mom and baby on the way:

  1. Weight training– Be safe. That means make controlled and slow movements with the weights you are employing. Building up your strength during this time will eventually be beneficial when you realize just how much carrying a baby can work your muscles. Learn more.
  2. Running- Don’t get crazy. You need to be sure your body is prepared for this kind of exercise. If you have never been a runner, then take short routes before you build up to 30-minute jogs. And, ask your doctor if this is a safe option for you before beginning a running regimen.
  3. Walk- No matter how far along you are in your pregnancy, walking is always a good option. We understand, that as the due date nears, you will probably notice some swelling in your feet and ankles. Take good long rests after you’ve been out and about. You can walk the mall, a park, or even your own neighborhood. And, if you are feeling a little wobbly, make sure you take a partner.
  4. Dancing- There’s no better way to get your heart pumping than doing some dancing. You could sign up for a Zumba class, or just bust a move in your own living room. Dancing will allow you to get out some pent up anxiety, and enable you to smile at your own freedom to look ridiculous. However, be sure you don’t participate in dances that require you to jump or twirl. Read this.
  5. Swimming- Since those pregnancy hormones are definitely going to increase your body temperature, swimming can be a multi-faceted benefit. You can cool off and get some low-impact exercise. In fact, some say that this is the best and safest exercise.
  6. Stretching- Staying limber while everything seems to be swelling, will do a good deal for your morale. And, it will help prevent strains when you are performing some of your other exercise activities.
  7. Aerobics– A strong heart is definitely a necessity for the mother to be. Try taking one of these classes with other pregnant ladies to create a support group for after the wee-one arrives. Click here for more information.

Staying fit during pregnancy is highly advisable. And, if you really want to, you can always get back to longboarding after the baby arrives. Be sure to read more reviews about longboarding gear on Top Sports Brands if you choose that avenue.

Learning Photography Is a Must for Every Mommy to Be

While you are pregnant you will learn heaps of new things.  In fact, during these nine months you are probably going to learn more than you ever did before because those tiny human beings are not easy to rise.  There are so many things that can go wrong during pregnancy and so many things you need to do, remember and attend to so you and your new tiny human can be as healthy as possible.  And sorry to say this but pregnancy and baby advice is not all that you need to learn while you are pregnant.  One important learning session that every mommy to be needs to take up as soon as possible is photography.

Learning Photography Is a Must for Every Mommy to Be

Why photography skills are important to mommies

It’s always good to get a professional photographer to capture your maternity, birth, newborn shots and family shots but you will soon find that there simply isn’t enough money to afford a photographer for every important occasion that you will want to remember and photographers aren’t usually around when your child does amazingly adorable things.  With good photography skills you can capture great images of your child as he or she grows and you can save a lot of money on photo-shoots.

No time? – Here’s how to get started

New moms have a lot on their hands.  You need to prep for the new baby, learn a lot and you still have to commit to your job even though you are battling constant pregnancy symptoms, depression due to a changing body and constant fatigue.  It won’t be any shock if you have no energy left to commit to a photography course.  Well, some good news is that you won’t have to do anything to get started in photography because you can sit back comfortably on your couch with your tab and learn how photography works through online courses from CreativeLive.

What is CreativeLive?

CreativeLive is an online tutorial site where you can learn various skills and professional traits online.  You can watch photography classes online and get the best tips from professional photographers that will enable you to take terrific newborn shots of your baby as well as great portrait shots and action shots of your child.  With CreativeLive you won’t be spending any cash on anything you don’t need because these tutorials are specially developed to give you only the information you need.  If you want to learn how to work with lighting, for example, then you only check out lighting classes.  If you want to learn how to work with newborns then newborn classes are all you need.  None of your valuable time will be wasted and you get all the best info in an action packed tutorial.  Moms can even learn how to take fantastic photos with an iPhone and be ready for baby action at any time.

Work in some practice

Time is limited and you are tired, I know, I know… but a bit of practice can make the world of difference in your photos. If you can master up some energy then you can definitely practice photography by taking some photos of your family pets, friends or family members so you can be ready to take the best shots of your baby when he or she arrives.

Clothing Keys to a More Comfortable Pregnancy

By nature, pregnancy isn’t always a comfortable experience. Some women suffer from morning sickness for months, while others struggle with the added weight. But there are ways to make a pregnancy a more comfortable experience by making sure you aren’t fighting against your clothing the entire time.

Picking the right professional and casual outfits can make a world of difference in how you feel during the day. So, to help you make the best decisions for you and your comfort, here are some tips to choose clothing for your pregnancy.

Clothing Keys to a More Comfortable Pregnancy

Think Natural Fabric

Natural fabrics provide numerous benefits in regards to comfort. High-quality options made from organic cotton, bamboo, or silk are highly breathable, which can help make it easier to regulate your body temperature. Additionally, the fibers tend to be soft against skin and don’t cling to the body like some synthetics do. And, even though the fabrics are light weight, they can still provide a notable amount of warmth and protection during inclement weather.

Organic options are often free of toxins and pesticides, which is an important consideration when you are carrying a child, and the fibers are biodegradable, so you don’t have to worry about harming the environment once an item wears out.

Consider the Cut

How an item is cut can greatly affect how comfortable it is to wear. When trying on new clothes, do more than just stand in front of the mirror and see how it looks. Take the time to move around in it a bit by making some of the normal motions you do during the day. For example, sit down on the chair or bench in the changing room, reach down to tie your shoes, and raise your arms up like you are reaching an item up on a kitchen shelf. If you feel any pulling or squeezing, then the cut of the garment may not be ideal for your comfort.

In the end, you don’t want your clothing to restrict your movement. Otherwise, it is easy to become frustrated with the item. And then, you just simply won’t wear it.

Room to Grow

Some maternity clothing automatically provides the flexibility needed to accommodate any weight changes as your pregnancy progresses. Certain loose or flowing fabrics can help ensure you get to wear the item for more than a few weeks, or hidden adjustable, or stretch panels can adapt to how your body is growing.

Regardless of the method, consider not just how a new piece of clothing will fit today, but how it will fit tomorrow. Otherwise, you may find yourself back at the story earlier than you planned.

Choose Shoes with Support

As your pregnancy progresses, you may need to rethink your normal footwear options. For example, you might prefer slip on shoes over options with laces, or you may want to have more flats instead of being stuck in heels.

When picking new shoes for your pregnancy, make sure you focus on support. As your baby grows, additional strain is put on your feet every time you move. By looking for shoes with a good structure and proper arch support, you can help alleviate some of the stress that naturally occurs during pregnancy.

By choosing the right clothes and shoes, you can help make your pregnancy more comfortable from beginning to end. So choose items that work with you, instead of against you, and you will likely be happier throughout the experience than you would if you had to fight with your clothes day after day.

Ways to Keep Your Face from Getting Dark Marks during Pregnancy

Getting pregnant is a fantastic miracle.  Feeling that baby grow inside you and develop from nothing into a tiny human being is a wonderful experience.  But pregnancy can leave a lot of marks on your body.  Stretch marks, cellulite, increased weight and fatigue are just a few of the disadvantages that come with pregnancy.  But one disadvantage that will probably bother you the most is getting dark marks in your face.  There is nothing that can damper your spirits more during pregnancy than walking around with a dark sun mustache or raccoon like marks under your eyes while you are pregnant.  And these melanin marks don’t always clear up directly after pregnancy.  They can become permanent if you don’t take good care of your face or do what you can to prevent them on your face and concealers often just don’t work to hide dark marks.

Why you are prone to dark marks during pregnancy

When you are pregnant your body creates a lot of hormones.  Some women experience an increase in their melanin production which is responsible for your skin tanning when you are in the sun.  But when your hormones are all haywire due to the pregnancy, these dark marks don’t always appear evenly and can be seen in dark patches on your face.

Stay out of the sun

The sun is what activates the dark patches in these melanin heightened areas in your face.  It is important to stay out of the sun as much as possible when you are pregnant so you can prevent permanent damage in your face.

Drink plenty of water

Water keeps your skin elastic and breaks down some of the melanin in your body which helps you maintain a much more even skin during pregnancy.  Water can also reduce the amount of stretch marks you get during pregnancy so drink up!

Ways to Keep Your Face from Getting Dark Marks during Pregnancy

Get good brushes for better concealer application

A good concealer won’t just hide away dark marks but will also keep the sun from worsening the problem.  You should apply your concealer with a good makeup brush so the concealer will be spread evenly and will look more natural.  SoundBodyLife is a terrific site where you can scout all the best brush sets.  They have reviews on all the best brush sets so you can find the best brush set for your makeup needs. You will also get good clues as to which brushes to get and what brushes to use for different makeup techniques.

Wear sun protection even when not in the sun

It is wise to wear good sun protection even when you aren’t spending time in the sun because UV lights can also darken your skin.  Wear a good sunscreen or BB cream throughout your pregnancy and always wear a hat when you enjoy some time in the sun.

Use a dark mark corrector

A good dark mark corrector will help you lighten the dark marks throughout your pregnancy and might even restore the dark marks completely once your baby is delivered.  You can also give a lemon juice face mask a try to lighten some of the dark spots on your face.

Choosing the right doctor for your pregnancy

You have just found out that you are pregnant and that you will soon have a bundle of joy in your life. This is incredibly exciting but also a time for planning lots of doctor’s visits. You need to find the right doctor for you. There are times where doctors aren’t comfortable with natural birth or they only deliver babies in hospitals and you were perhaps thinking of giving birth at a birthing center. This is a very important time in your life and you need to find the person that you feel will take you through that journey and keep you cool and collected so that you bring a new life into this world without any complications. If you are in the position to be picky you should be.

Choosing the right doctor for your pregnancy

Whether you decide on a trained physician or a midwife there are many factors that you would need to consider. For example experience, credentials, whether you would like a cesarean or natural birth. There are more options to look at also depending on your pregnancy. If you are currently suffering from diabetes you might need more medical care during your pregnancy and for this you might need the services of a qualified healthcare professional. The most important part of deciding on the person that will be taking you through your pregnancy and delivery is that you get there safely and that you don’t have to deal with complications. Midwifes are usually a great option for those moms that are looking for the natural experience.  Click here to learn more about midwives.

If you do find that your healthcare professional doesn’t tend to your needs as needed or if something does go wrong during the birth it is your right to consider malpractice. Take a look at Maryland medical Malpractice to find some of the best lawyers on call that will give you the right advice and tell you if you have a viable case or not. If you do have a case you will have lawyers that are qualified medical doctors and they won’t charge you a cent until the case is won. You don’t want to just let it go if something was done wrong during your delivery. The most important thing is you and your baby’s health.

There is always an easy way to get advice on what you are looking for. You can easily read recommendations on different doctors if you want to find out more about bedside manner, history and treatment. The best way to know what you are looking for is by getting advice from people that you trust. If your General Practitioner has treated you for years suggest a specialist you will feel more comfortable to look into it simply because you have got a trusted recommendation. Another great way to find the right fit for you is by asking friends that have recently given birth. They might share your ideas about birthing and will tell you exactly what they found was the most challenging while giving birth with the help of either a midwife or OB. Read more about different birthing options that you can choose from.

Tips for a healthy pregnancy

Being pregnant represents the best and also the most trying time in your life. There are many things you can do to make your pregnant time more comfortable and healthier. It is important to make the best of this time and keep yourself in the best shape possible so that there are no complications at birth.  It is said that you can feel wonderful during your pregnancy if you take good care of yourself. It is better to increase the odds for a healthy pregnancy by taking a few simple steps.

First of all moms, prenatal vitamins are important. You need to take these during your pregnancy to make sure that your body stays healthy and gets all the minerals and vitamins it needs. It is also very important to eat six times a day and this should include healthy meals. New moms make the grave mistake of saying that they need to eat for two and then indulge in unhealthy foods and snacks. Pregnancy is not an excuse to binge on everything that is bad for you. Go for the better option and feel better every day.

Tips for a healthy pregnancy

Indulge in smoothies for example as a delicious and refreshing snack. Take a look at the best juicer to start making delicious juices and smoothies. The best thing about smoothies is that you can add all the ingredients that you would like to experiment with.  This is a great alternative to meals and snacks and will only leave you wanting more.

Avoid caffeine but drink lots of fluids every day. This will keep you hydrated. Your body has to work pretty hard to build that little tot and you need all the good reinforcement you can have. During your pregnancy you are going to feel tired and you will need all the rest you can get. Take as many naps as you require and listen to your body. One of the most important tips to note is that exercising is important during your pregnancy to keep you healthy. Click here for a few examples of exercises during pregnancy.

Don’t wear constricting or uncomfortable shoes or clothes. You are going to have enough times where you will feel uncomfortable, the last thing you need is to hate the clothes you wear. There is a range of maternity clothing for a reason and it is important that you invest in these to feel your best at all times. The most important thing to do is to remember that you are beautiful and that you are in the process of bringing to life a miracle. There are too many times where moms become depressed and stressed during their pregnancy. This is no good for you or the baby. Keep calm, meditate and relax to make sure you are at peace and completely prepared for the arrival of your baby. Stress is harmful to people who aren’t pregnant and worse for potential moms. Click here to get relaxation tips during pregnancy.

Understanding Your Legal Rights as a Pregnant Woman in the Workplace

Many pregnant women are not fully aware that they have certain legal rights in regards to how they are treated in the workplace, or when applying for a job.  These rights are designed to help prevent discrimination, and to ensure that they are not penalized based on the medical requirements associated with being pregnant or giving birth.

While some protections are available on a consistent basis, others may be only available in certain countries or cities.  If you would like to have a better understanding of your legal rights while pregnant, here are some of the major ones.

Understanding Your Legal Rights as a Pregnant Woman in the Workplace

Being Hired by an Employer

It is considered discriminatory to make a hiring decision based solely on a woman currently being pregnant, or for planning to become pregnant in the future.  Additionally, a woman cannot be fired solely for becoming pregnant.  This is in place to avoid any negative connotations for choosing to start a family, even if certain medical accommodations may be required.

Maternity Leave and Leave of Absence

A woman is to be offered the same rights regarding a leave of absence for medical reasons as would anyone else experiencing a qualifying medical condition.  Often, many of the medical situations that result from giving birth can qualify as a temporary disability, and must be treated as such.

Additionally, a woman is entitled to use their benefits and leave in support of your leave of absence.  If leave is not available, leave without pay should be granted.  In contrast, an employer cannot force a woman to take maternity leave beyond what is considered reasonable.

What is considered reasonable maternity leave is up to interpretation, as each woman may have a different experience when giving birth and recovering from pregnancy.  Often, a period of up to 12 weeks is standard, though that time period may be adjusted based on the recommendation of a qualified physician or medical provider.

Reinstatement after Leave is Complete

If a woman maintains an intent to return to work after her maternity leave is complete, she must be reinstated in her original position, or an equivalent position.  In cases where an equivalent position is used, equivalent pay, benefits, seniority, retirement, and other service credits must also be applied to the new position.

Find Out More at Work

For those interested in learning more about the policies in place within their workplace, you may want to consult your employee handbook, if available, or other internal resources for employees.  Additionally, you may be able to contact a human resources representative with any questions you have, or any items that you may need clarified.

If you belong to a union, you may find information regarding your rights within your union contract, or on the associated websites.  They may also be able to assist you should you have a dispute with your current employer regarding your needs while pregnant.

Finding Legal Advice

If you believe you may have been a victim of unlawful discrimination related to your pregnancy, you may want to consult a legal professional.  You can begin your search on this site, or search for local law firms that specialize in employment law.

You may also find some level of guidance through other websites, but it is always wise to work with a professional before pursuing any course of action.

Avoid Pesticides if You Want to Conceive

If you do a simple Google search right this instant, you will be able to find thousands of websites/blogs talking about what one should and should not do during their pregnancy. Although this is extremely handy and convenient, as one doesn’t need to leaf through thick books anymore to know what to do, it can also be an inconvenience sometimes, as there might be some extremely specific things that pregnant women or those wanting to become pregnant should avoid, but the only reason they’re unable to do so is because they didn’t find it in that one website that they referred to.

Avoid Pesticides if You Want to Conceive

Why are pesticides harmful?

One of the things that many articles or websites will not talk about is how exposure to pesticides and possibly ruin your chances of getting pregnant. That is because this isn’t really much of a popular topic, and considering the long list of already existing do’s and don’ts, adding something like this which might not even affect more than half the women the blog is targeting seems like a waste of both time and space. Also, not a lot of people know about it, which is another factor that contributes to the lack of knowledge about this.

If you’re planning on getting pregnant, then you need to stay as far away from pesticides as possible. Studies have shown that exposure to pesticides will actually decrease one’s chances of getting pregnant, and if you’re planning on starting a family, that is one thing that you really should be avoiding. Although not a lot of women come in contact with pesticides unless they work in a field that deals with it, they should still steer clear of it, even if they’re planning on using it around their house.

Research has shown that exposing a woman who wants to conceive to pesticides will actually lower their chances of getting pregnant by 30%. That is a huge percentage for someone who hasn’t been successful in the past. And so, if you’re serious about starting a family or expanding your already existing one, you might want to be careful about exposing yourself to something that would be potentially problematic for you in the future.

That said, what about women who work in a field that deals with pesticides? Although there is nothing wrong about working in a field as such, you will need to take better care of yourself in such a scenario. Try to avoid coming into contact with chemical pesticide substances that could endanger your chances, and instead, now might be a good time to switch to organic substitutes. Depending on the types of clients that your company deals with, you will easily be able to find non-chemical alternatives to pest problems. Whether you’re providing solution for farmer or people living in the cities, there are always organic methods. No matter what you do, limit getting exposed to chemical pesticides, as that would be extremely harmful for your chances of having a baby.

For more information, read and if you want to solve your own pest problems, click here.