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Pregnancy Photo Shoot Tips

Pregnancy is a journey that is worth remembering. The only sure way we can keep memories of our pregnancy is through a photo shoot. Who said that baby bump can’t be flattering, you only need some tips and you will have the best photos of your bump. Some of the tips include:

Posing and angles

The angle of pose is what makes all the difference on how the picture will turn out. As much as the body shape is the main determinant, there are posing tips that you can try to make sure that your bump is flattering.

Pregnancy Photo Shoot Tips

Hands on the belly: This is a good way of drawing attention to the bump as it is natural that the pregnant woman would want to touch their bump.it can be in form of one hand above the bump and one below the bump.

Shoot from a higher angle: This will help in making the baby bump look bigger. You can play around with that creatively for the best shots.

Look down the bump: The lady can look at a static point slightly beside the baby bump. As looking on the bump directly may create a double chin, the lady can look slightly beside the bump

Couples really close: The couple can pose very close to each other but with the lady holding the bump, this will make them look happy together and will still draw attention to the bump.

Standing vs. sitting: in most cases standing is a sure way of flattering a baby bump but you can get creative as well with sitting angles to find a pose that will flatter the bump.


The right pose without composition will not do the trick. You can play around with creativity to make sure that you get the right colors and angles for a flattering photo. Lighting is the main component in getting the right composition.


It is important that the ones doing the photo shoot are able to express their emotions as this will reflect on the photo. Smiling and other ways of expression will make sure that the photos come out in the best way possible.


Wide range lenses are always better as you can shoot from a distance and it will come out perfectly well. Any lenses can be used but the 85mm and 35 mm lenses work very well and will capture the details well.


The location of the shoot has a big influence on how the photo will turn out. It basically depends on the preference of the couple doing the shoot as different people have different preferences. Some would love it in the wild while some would love it indoors, it all depends.


The kind of outfits for the shoots is very important. There are outfits that will flatter the bump more than others. It is also recommended to wear outfits that are not so busy.


With the tips, for sure you will have the best and flattering photos. If you are a photographer and would consider starting a site to show your content on pregnancy photo shoots then you can get a review of SmugMug photography websites to make sure that you get the best site.

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Is Flushable Cat Litter Safe for Pregnant Women?

Cat Litter Box

Many companies have recently designed all natural, 100% biodegradable cat litters made from a variety of different materials. We now have available to us cat litter that is made from paper, aspen, walnut shells, corn, wheat and other materials. These products are eco-friendly and have made a drastic impact on the waste left from cat litter in our landfills. Some of these cat litter suppliers are also advertising their products as flushable, which could drastically cut back on the amount of plastic bags used to clean cat litter boxes each year.

Cat Litter Box

How Does It Compare to Clay Litter?

Flushable litters are not only safer for our landfills, but they are also safer for our lungs. Clay litters produce a lot of dust which contains crystalline silica. Prolonged exposure to silica dust can lead to respiratory issues and lung disease for you and you cat. Another great feature about flushable litters is that they are made from natural materials which crumble and disperse in water. Therefore, if a cat were to ingest the litter it would not expand to absorb moisture, it would simply break down and your cat would be able to pass it through its digestive tract.

Will it Clog My Toilet?

Although these products disperse in water and are approved flushable, they must be flushed in very small quantities to prevent drain clogs. Even when flushing small amounts of litter at a time, there is still a risk of clogging. You may also have to use several flushes to push the litter down, which wastes water.

Before You Flush… Read This

Before you flush your litter down the toilet, have your cat tested to make sure that he or she does not carry parasites that could be transferred into the water from flushing its waste.

Cats are the primary hosts of the parasite Toxoplasma gondii which is transmitted to other animals through fecal matter. Water treatment facilities are not designed to kill this parasite and therefore it could spread to rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water.

What is Toxoplasma gondii?

T.gondii is a parasite that is usually transferred to cats from consuming infected rodents or raw meat. This parasite can also be transferred to humans with weakened immune systems, such as, pregnant woman or people with AIDS. Scientists also suspect this parasite to be harmful to aquatic life, and could possibly be the cause of premature death in sea otters.

Even if your cat litter states that it is flushable, it may be safer just to throw it away. You will still help the environment by using biodegradable products without having to worry about wasting or polluting our water.

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Steps for a healthy pregnancy

It is important for every expectant mother to make the necessary changes in her life to make sure her pregnancy goes well. It is emotionally and physically draining to bring a new life into this world and the journey will be trying at times but also filled with joy. There are a few things that every new mother can do to make sure she aids the pregnancy and takes better care of herself so that nothing bad happens. Click here to read more about vitamins and minerals every pregnant woman needs. It is in your hands to boost your chances of having any problems during your pregnancy.

Steps for a healthy pregnancy

The first step is to make sure you get early prenatal care. You need to see a doctor or healthcare provider as soon as possible for a prenatal visit. This will allow you to screen any problems and make sure you are prepared for any complications that might occur. There are mothers that have had diabetes during their pregnancy and other conditions that needed treatment. You can tackle any complications before they happen by knowing about it as soon as possible. Look around for the best provider and find one that you can trust and feel comfortable with as you will be taking a long and trying journey together.

You need to exercise more. This is quite a tough one to understand but by keeping your body fit and strong you will be able to handle the birthing process a lot easier. You don’t have to overdo it as this might be bad for you but keep yourself active and don’t see your pregnancy as an illness that makes you bedridden. With a bit of careful weightlifting and cardio exercises you will be ready for whatever you have to face. Take a look at this home workout for ideas and tips on using dumbbells for exercises. You might have to consult your doctor first when deciding what you should do.

As a new mother it is also crucial to watch what you eat as craving might lead you on the wrong path. Even if you feel like eating a lot of junk you shouldn’t. There are only a few mothers lucky enough to crave the good stuff. Make sure you steer clear of dangerous foods like undercooked eggs and meat or unpasteurized dairy products. Do research on the best things for your pregnancy and stick to that. Click here to take a look at some dangerous foods for pregnancy. Prenatal vitamins are very important and it is not just a gimmick. Make sure you use them and the ones that cater for your needs. There are various rules that you should stick to during your pregnancy and if you have a current chronic condition it is even more important. You need to be well-rested and calm most of time. Take time out to relax but keep active and occupied. It is scary to go through a pregnancy but with the right steps you will deliver your little bun with no complications.

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