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Pregnancy Supplements

It is very important for a pregnant mother to take in supplements during pregnancy. Supplements will ensure wellbeing of the baby. Sometimes nutrition during a pregnancy can be crazy as you are taking in for two, and hence the body may not have the adequate nutritional requirements. Supplements during pregnancy can help in preventing some complications that may occur during pregnancy and may be dangerous to the mother and even fatal in some cases such as pre-eclampsia. Since the bay takes whatever they need from the mother, the nutritional reserves of the mother may become depleted and that’s where supplements come in. Some of the important supplements to take during pregnancy include:

Pregnancy Supplements

Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins will make sure that your body has adequate amounts of folic acid which is needed for prevention of neural tube defects. It is important that prenatal vitamins are taken in the first trimester or even before conception of the baby. A good prenatal vitamin should have a serving of foliate of between 600-800 mg per day. It is good to check out that the vitamins come from whole foods. You should not that most prenatal vitamins will not have any supply of calcium since calcium and iron don’t work well together and will not be absorbed well together. If you are taking a calcium supplement, you should not take an iron supplement too.

Vitamin D

Having adequate levels of vitamin D in the body is important for any pregnancy. Therefore if you are expectant, it is important to have your levels of Vitamin d checked so that if it is not enough you take a supplement. The amount of vitamin D required is between 50-80 mg/ml per day. If the levels of vitamin D are low, there are high risks of complications such as low birth weight, gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.

Omega 3 Acid

Omega 3 is important for brain development of the baby and helps in prevention of premature birth. For the mother it is important in prevention of depressions and optimum cardiovascular health. You should therefore incorporate fish oils in your diet for optimum health.


Probiotic helps in boosting the immune system during pregnancy as most of the time a pregnancy makes the immune system to be suppressed. Probiotics helps in improving digestion as constipation is common during pregnancies. A probiotic supplement will make sure that body has enough supply of beneficial bacteria which will be good for the gut health of the baby and long-term immunity of the baby.


This is a supplement that’s an antioxidant and it detoxifies the any pollutants before they reach the placenta protecting the baby from any toxins.


Supplements are clearly very important in pregnancy; it not only helps the mother but the baby too, and may affect the long-term well-being of the baby. There are many sites from which one can buy the supplements and some that have fitness discount codes to make sure you get your supplements at a discounted cost.

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Listen to Your Baby’s HeartBeat During Pregnancy

A mother’s connection to her baby is indescribable with mere words. A woman experiences the most overwhelming moments of her life when she is pregnant. The thought that after a few months she will be a mother to a lovely little baby and that she will be holding a tiny version of herself in her arms makes her emotional and restless at the same time.

It is natural that a pregnant woman wants her pregnancy to be over as soon as possible so that she can finally see her baby face to face and feel him/her with her own hands. It can make a mother anxious and restless. However, during these moments the only thing that can calm her is listening to the gentle heartbeat of her baby while she is still pregnant. This is one of the most reassuring sounds that mother can listen to and makes her happy and content. With the advancement in technology, this has been made possible by use of certain equipment. Read about some of the equipment:

Listen to Your Baby's HeartBeat During Pregnancy

Heart rate Doppler

When the fetus is under 20 weeks old, his heart rate is monitored by the use of heart rate Doppler. It is possible to buy a Doppler for at home monitoring or event rent it for your home, but this is an expensive option. Moreover, a heart rate Doppler is difficult to find and obtain too.


A stethoscope is a comparatively cheaper and easier to obtain an option for listening to the heartbeat of your 20 weeks old baby. You just have to go through the following steps, and you will be able to listen to your tiny creature’s heartbeat:

  1. Go to a quiet room and lie on your bed.
  2. Try to find your baby’s back by feeling your stomach. It will feel like a smooth but hard area.
  3. Position the chest piece of the stethoscope on the baby’s back once you have found it and put the ear tips of the stethoscope into your years. Listen for a few minutes and move the stethoscope in different places on the baby’s back to locate the heartbeat.
  4. Do not confuse your own heartbeat with the baby’s heartbeat.

After reading this article, you must be wondering about where to find the best stethoscope for this purpose. However, this is not something you should be worrying about anymore because we have got you covered. Out of all the stethoscopes being offered in the market, Littmann stethoscopes surpass all in quality, technology, and affordability.

These stethoscopes top the list of the best stethoscopes available in the market these days and are of the highest quality with the most advanced technological features. In addition to that, they are very affordable and easy to find as well. Moreover, their durability and ability to stay functional for long periods of times make them even more wanted by not only doctors and nurses, but also the general public.

The characteristics of these Littmann stethoscopes such as light weightiness and comfortable earpieces make them very easy to use and carry around. Littmann stethoscopes are known for their ability of ambient noise reduction which makes the sound extremely clear and very easy to hear. Thus, these stethoscopes are the best option if you would like to listen to the mild and gentle beating of your baby’s heart and it is not only this, you can even use these after your pregnancy for various other purposes. Their uses are unlimited. Another advantage of using these Littmann stethoscopes is that their advanced technology helps you find any abnormality in your baby’s heartbeat so that you can contact the doctor ASAP.

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