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What to Buy When You Reach the 3d Trimester

By the time you reach the 3rd trimester you probably did a lot of shopping already.  It is just impossible for mom to avoid those cute baby clothes when you are all excited about being pregnant.  And it is perfectly fine because you are going to need a lot of stuff to welcome your little one into the world and to give him or her best possible chance.  The 3rd trimester is however a game changer for most moms.  When you reach the 3rd trimester you finally realize that this is truly happening!  Nesting instincts start to kick in and it is time to really get ready for the arrival of your baby.  Here is a quick shopping list of baby essentials that you simply must have before baby is born;

What to Buy When You Reach the 3d Trimester

Belly support band

These stretch bands are wonderful for keeping your belly nice and warm during winter, they also save your clothes from getting messed up by maternity creams and they are a huge help when it comes to reducing pains and aches.  The support band shouldn’t be bought before you reach the 3rd trimester because you have no idea how big your belly will become until you reach this stage and a support band that is too tight can be catastrophic.

Car seat

A lot of hospitals refuse to check newborns out unless the parents can show a car seat.  We cannot really blame these hospitals because they are the ones that have to care for these tiny babies when they get injured especially since these doctors and nurses often have to conflict even more pain during medical procedures.  A car seat is the most critical thing you need before your baby is born.

Baby monitor

Baby monitors saved a lot of lives in the past and is a must.  Baby monitors are not cheap and you really do need one before your baby arrives.  With a baby monitor you can keep your baby close by even if you are not in the same room and these monitors are terrific for improving your babies sleep since you don’t have to actually pop into the room to check on your little one.


A stroller is another must have especially since these are some of the more expensive baby tools you will need.  Strollers are available in a great variety of brands, designs and sizes and some are even available in stroller and car seat combos.  When you are considering strollers remember to consider weight.  The weight of the stroller and size of the wheels is so important for easy maneuvering and it is especially much more important to invest in a stroller that you can easily manage instead of going for an expensive brand that is just too heavy.

Electric breast pump

If you are planning on breastfeeding then an electric breast pump is a must.  You don’t have to invest in the world’s most expensive brand but you do need an electric pump because hand pumps aren’t as effective, they are tedious to use and can put mom off breastfeeding before you even get started.

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