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Reasons Having a Dog During Pregnancy is The Best

Owning a dog is a good thing. They are our companions and friends that don’t ever judge us. They are nice to play and have fun with, while at the same time, one can cuddle and fluff them. Chances are that if a lady got a dog before she was pregnant, she probably wouldn’t want to get rid of them. In this article, we are going to discuss the reasons why having a dog during pregnancy is a good thing.

Controls Weight Gain

Owning a pet would mean taking out for regular walks or jogs. This in itself is a sure way of staying active while controlling that weight. Pregnant women, and especially as they near their due dates, tend to spend most of their time at home, and this could lead to unnecessary weight gain. This could be bad when they are in labor, and having a dog could make them more active and healthier.

Prepares Women for Mommy Routines

Dogs need just as much care and love as babies, and having one around is in true essence, preparing the mother for her mommy routines. They need to be fed, sleep, play, poop, and a host of other things. This makes them the perfect mommy starter kit.

Good Distraction

Dogs tend to give mothers a distraction. They bring happy thoughts to our minds. This is an especially trying time for first time mothers since they worry about everything. Dogs provide the perfect distraction from some of the scary and stressful thoughts.

Flex Those Nurturing Muscles

A dog will need to be nurtured just the same way that a baby would want to be nurtured. They are going to need the same sort of love and attention that babies need, as well as regular cleaning, feeding and patience. Dogs are just as innocent as babies since they don’t understand common sense or safety, giving us the natural reason to care for them.

Builds Immunity

Dogs and kids tend to carry around a lot of germs, and this could be a terrifying thought to many parents when they look at it from this angle. According to studies, children become more immune to some infections such as allergies and asthma when they are around dogs from an early age. It boosts their immune systems. Exposing them to germs allows their bodies to fight the germs off.

Reasons Having a Dog During Pregnancy is The Best
Reasons Having a Dog During Pregnancy is The Best

PetGear Double Pet Stroller Review

Having checked out the advantages of having dogs during pregnancy, we are now going to review one of the dog accessories that you should have for your dog, the PetGear Double Pet Stroller. Going through PetGear stroller reviews is the best way to determine the pet stroller that will work for your pet. This pet stroller is equipped with an extra-wide carriage design offering spacious, comfortable rides for one or more pets. It has no zipper, allowing for easy access to the pet, while the quick-release air tires ensure the smoothest ride possible. It also comes with a plush bolster pad and weather cover to create and extra-comfy environment for the pet, even in bad weather. This stroller also comes with a paw rest, while the pet can easily look out of the stroller using the front bar for support. It also comes with a panoramic view window allows your pet to remain safe inside of the stroller while enjoying the sights outside. This stroller comes with a cup holder, large storage basket, one hand easy-fold mechanism and ergonomic handle.


  • Easy-Locking NO-ZIP entry; plush bolster pad included
  • Extra-wide carriage provides a spacious and comfortable ride; two interior safety tethers included
  • 12″ Quick-release air tires with included air pump; quick-locking rear foot brake
  • 600 Denier water-resistant material; included weather cover provides protection from elements
  • 90-pound capacity


  • Crosses bumpy trails and even small creek beds with ease
  • Very roomy
  • Sturdy and well built
  • Has a foot brake
  • Can carry multiple pets


  • Some claim some parts missing
  • Some claim that it is heavy and cumbersome
  • For one, the front wheel wasn’t locked


Maybe it is time that you got yourself that pet dog, seeing that having one has so many advantages to you and your baby. A dog is the perfect companion for both of you. The stroller reviewed above would be the perfect solution for you to move around with your dog, or dogs.

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