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Consider Pickleball for a Healthy and Active Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the one time in your life where you really do need to mind your health.  Basically, everything you do and don’t do during pregnancy can affect your health and the health of your unborn baby.  It is important to take things slow and to get in plenty of rest time during this period, especially since your growing belly already has such a huge impact on your body.  But it is also important for women to stay active and fit during this time.

Pregnant women that stay active and fit are much healthier thanks to a boosted immune system.  They can also bounce back after birth a lot quicker because not quite as much weight is gained and side effects like stretchmarks are greatly reduced.  Babies of fit mothers are also a lot healthier because they enjoy good blood circulation and this active lifestyle helps them learn and develop quicker since there is much more to feel and hear when mom is being active.

Consider Pickleball for a Healthy and Active Pregnancy
Consider Pickleball for a Healthy and Active Pregnancy

Why pickleball is a good sport for pregnant women

If you are looking for a safe and active sport to enjoy during pregnancy then Pickleball is a fantastic option.  This sport is basically a mix of table tennis and normal tennis.  You can play pickleball with two or four players.  Paddles that look a lot like ping pong paddles are and a ball that greatly resembles a ping pong ball is used for the sport.  The difference is that a normal tennis court is used to play the game.

Pickleball is a safe sport during pregnancy because the game doesn’t involve excessive straining.  You don’t have to put a lot of energy into the blows and movements are much more gracious and streamline.  Women also get a good workout during these sessions which boost cardiovascular health, improve your ability to balance weight and help you stay active and fit during pregnancy.  The sport is more relaxed than tennis and safer on your body.  Pickleball can also be enjoyed on just about any tennis court which makes it an easy sport to enjoy anywhere in the world.  That ‘ping’ ‘pong’ sound as you play is also quite relaxing and addictive.

Get your pickleball gear here

TheVolleyLlama is an amazing site to get the best pickleball paddle and other pickleball gear. This site is a review site where you can learn about all the features and benefits of different pickleball paddles.  Find out which sizes there is, learn what type of paddle is best suited for beginners or advanced players or find a racquet that suits your unique gameplay.

Pickleball is an amazing sport to help pregnant women stay fit and healthy.  The best part of this sport is that there will still be plenty of money left for baby shopping since you don’t need much to enjoy this safe sport.  The paddles and balls are affordable and you can use your cozy home or sports outfits to enjoy the game so you can stay fit, healthy and active during this important period.

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