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Is It Safe To Consume Breadfruit During Pregnancy?

Eating for two sounds appealing but it can be quite hard if you want to give your unborn child the best possible chances at healthy development. There are so many do’s and don’ts that you need to consider during pregnancy and so many people will come to you and give you advice on the right foods to eat to boost your babies development and to promote your own personal health.  One food source that has been making a lot of headlines lately is breadfruit.  This plant is lately becoming incredibly popular because of its terrific benefits but the question that every pregnant woman should ask before giving this plant a try is whether or not it is healthy for your child and your pregnancy.

Is It Safe To Consume Breadfruit During Pregnancy?

What is breadfruit?

Breadfruit is a tropical flowering tree that originates from the South Pacific.  Today this tree is grown in more than 90 countries and is currently sought after for all of its tremendous health benefits that it has for people that consume parts of the tree.  The roots, leaves and latex are used to make medicine and the fruit is eaten for health benefits.

What are the benefits of the breadfruit plant?

The fruits – The fruits are rich in Vitamin C and are superb for weight loss for the following reasons;

  • The fruit acts as an antioxidant.
  • The fruit is also rich in amino acids that fuel your bodies functioning.
  • The fruit boosts your immune system.
  • It is a heart healthy food that helps reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol and is superb for general heart health.
  • Many believe that the fruit fights cancer.

The root and leaves – These are used for medical purposes for conditions like arthritis, asthma, back pain, diabetes, fever, gout, high blood pressure, liver disease and more.  The root and leaves can also be applied to the skin for boils, burns, infections and much more.

The seeds – The seeds are also eaten as a food.

Is breadfruit safe for use during pregnancy?

It is only natural to want to maintain your weight while you are pregnant.  Breadfruit is a superb weight loss and health booster but not enough research has been done on the fruit and its effects during pregnancy and on newborns.  It is probably best to avoid the fruit during pregnancy if you have any concerns.  You can however use breadfruit to lose the baby weight once your little one is born.

Try these breadfruit recipes

There are quite a few different ways to prepare breadfruit for eating.  Jivaorganicfoods.com is a superb website that you can check out to get your hands on some great tasting breadfruit recipes.  You can try five breadfruit recipes like the following;

  • Breadfruit Cou-Cou
  • Kadachakka Thoran
  • Breadfruit Curry
  • Breadfruit Summer Rolls
  • Breadfruit Donuts

All of these recipes are easy to prepare and delicious.  By giving these recipes a try you will learn of a delicious way to shake the baby weight while you explore all of the wondrous produces our world has to offer.

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