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Clothing Keys to a More Comfortable Pregnancy

By nature, pregnancy isn’t always a comfortable experience. Some women suffer from morning sickness for months, while others struggle with the added weight. But there are ways to make a pregnancy a more comfortable experience by making sure you aren’t fighting against your clothing the entire time.

Picking the right professional and casual outfits can make a world of difference in how you feel during the day. So, to help you make the best decisions for you and your comfort, here are some tips to choose clothing for your pregnancy.

Clothing Keys to a More Comfortable Pregnancy

Think Natural Fabric

Natural fabrics provide numerous benefits in regards to comfort. High-quality options made from organic cotton, bamboo, or silk are highly breathable, which can help make it easier to regulate your body temperature. Additionally, the fibers tend to be soft against skin and don’t cling to the body like some synthetics do. And, even though the fabrics are light weight, they can still provide a notable amount of warmth and protection during inclement weather.

Organic options are often free of toxins and pesticides, which is an important consideration when you are carrying a child, and the fibers are biodegradable, so you don’t have to worry about harming the environment once an item wears out.

Consider the Cut

How an item is cut can greatly affect how comfortable it is to wear. When trying on new clothes, do more than just stand in front of the mirror and see how it looks. Take the time to move around in it a bit by making some of the normal motions you do during the day. For example, sit down on the chair or bench in the changing room, reach down to tie your shoes, and raise your arms up like you are reaching an item up on a kitchen shelf. If you feel any pulling or squeezing, then the cut of the garment may not be ideal for your comfort.

In the end, you don’t want your clothing to restrict your movement. Otherwise, it is easy to become frustrated with the item. And then, you just simply won’t wear it.

Room to Grow

Some maternity clothing automatically provides the flexibility needed to accommodate any weight changes as your pregnancy progresses. Certain loose or flowing fabrics can help ensure you get to wear the item for more than a few weeks, or hidden adjustable, or stretch panels can adapt to how your body is growing.

Regardless of the method, consider not just how a new piece of clothing will fit today, but how it will fit tomorrow. Otherwise, you may find yourself back at the story earlier than you planned.

Choose Shoes with Support

As your pregnancy progresses, you may need to rethink your normal footwear options. For example, you might prefer slip on shoes over options with laces, or you may want to have more flats instead of being stuck in heels.

When picking new shoes for your pregnancy, make sure you focus on support. As your baby grows, additional strain is put on your feet every time you move. By looking for shoes with a good structure and proper arch support, you can help alleviate some of the stress that naturally occurs during pregnancy.

By choosing the right clothes and shoes, you can help make your pregnancy more comfortable from beginning to end. So choose items that work with you, instead of against you, and you will likely be happier throughout the experience than you would if you had to fight with your clothes day after day.

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