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Exercise During Pregnancy

Parents, specifically mothers get extremely careful with everything they do while they are pregnant; the reason for this is the unborn baby. Their immune systems are not developed and small things can turn into a massive problem for the baby and indirectly for the mother. One of the things mothers always hesitate to do during pregnancy is a workout. It is a common misconception that exercise can end up as a bad thing for your unborn baby. One of the old age myths that have been circulating among us even in this modern era is that strenuous exercise will result in a miscarriage. In this article, the importance and benefits of exercising during pregnancy are discussed:

Exercise During Pregnancy
Exercise During Pregnancy

Is exercising during pregnancy safe?

The very first thing that worries all the moms to be is a miscarriage but research has shown that miscarriage is in no way associated with exercise rather exercise can be beneficial for pregnant women. Pushing yourself while working out during pregnancy might not be a good idea but working out can be beneficial. It does not affect your baby but you might get tired faster, which is no big trouble. A study has proved that the amount of blood in a women increases while she is pregnant because the body has to feed the baby. For this your heart should be in a good condition, thus working out is going to help you rather than having adverse effects.

Benefits of exercise during pregnancy

Women are reported to have bloating, back pains, and other similar symptoms during pregnancy. Exercise aids in eradicating all of these especially the backache. The body undergoes numerous changes in pregnancy; one of these changes is increased sugar to give the baby the energy it requires to grow. Sometimes this puts the mother at a risk of developing gestational diabetes. Exercise reduces the risk by 27 percent.

One of the benefits that supersede all these pros is that exercise helps in labor. A good, healthy and strong lower abdomen can benefit a lot in an easy delivery. Of course, it is not a guaranteed hack but women who exercise during pregnancy have been known to undergo an easy labor process.

The safest place for exercising

There is no place more secure than your home. For working out during pregnancy it is advised that you organize some equipment at your home to create a home gym. The first thing that should be a part of your home gym is the treadmill. It not only helps you walk, jog, and run at your home but also assists in doing yoga poses. It can act as a support or a base for your yoga poses. A treadmill also comes in handy when you try to lose weight postpartum.

Some of the best treadmills available on the market are:

  • NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill:

This has been rated as one of the best treadmills on the market even though it is the cheapest product of NordicTrack, which is a renowned fitness company. It is not only user-friendly but also has all the high technology features including i10 percent incline.

  • 3G Cardio Pro Runner Treadmill:

This treadmill with professional features has been specifically designed to use at home. It has a wide surface that is perfect for runner and has numerous built-in programs for all kinds of workout.

  • Merax JK1603E Folding Electric Motorized Treadmill:

This product by Merax is an extremely affordable and cheap treadmill but its features are such that it can be compared to expensive treadmills present on the market. It has an adjustable incline and is extremely convenient to use.

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