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The Best Home Fitness Equipment for Pregnant Women

Just because you are pregnant doesn’t necessarily mean you have to gain a whole lot of weight.  In fact staying in shape and keeping those extra pounds in check while you are pregnant is incredibly good for your body.  For one thing, you reduce the chances of getting those horrible deep stretchmarks if you keep your body growth to a minimum.  Staying in shape throughout pregnancy also makes it much easier to bounce back to your before baby body.  But the best reason of all to stay fit during pregnancy is so you and your little one can stay healthy.  Moving and working out promotes blood circulation throughout your body and helps your body work out all of those toxins you consume.  This means you and your baby enjoy much better health if you stay fit throughout the pregnancy.

The Best Home Fitness Equipment for Pregnant Women
The Best Home Fitness Equipment for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women should also take care to ensure that the workouts they do won’t affect your pregnancy negatively.  There are some workouts such as heavy lifting that is best left out of your workout program.  But some workouts like cardio workouts are absolutely amazing for maintaining good health throughout your pregnancy.

Here is a few of the best home fitness equipment that is perfectly safe to use during pregnancy.

Elliptical machine

An elliptical machine is a great piece of workout equipment to use during pregnancy.  These machines result in low impact yet gives you a very intense workout.  There is presently a huge debate going on with regards to elliptical vs bikes.  Fitness experts and even health experts cannot seem to make up their mind about what type of workout instrument is the safest to use.  Both have some pretty fantastic benefits but if you have a troublesome pregnancy or experience a painful pregnancy then an elliptical machine might be the better choice for safe workouts.

Workout bike

Spinning is a good exercise for pregnant women.  As long as there are no problems during your pregnancy there should be any reasons why you cannot enjoy regular spinning sessions.  Workout bikes will give you a great cardio workout and will help you keep your legs and thighs in shape even as your body expands.


Jogging or strolling is one of the safest workouts to enjoy during pregnancy.  A treadmill is a great piece of fitness equipment for pregnant women because you can set your phase according to how you feel that day.  If you are particularly fatigued then a quick walk will give you the workout you need without tapping any more energy than is absolutely necessary from your body.  If you feel good on a particular day then you can enjoy a quick run and burn those extra calories you gained after giving in to cravings.

Yoga DVD’s

Stretching during pregnancy is good for maintaining flexibility even as your belly swells.  Get a good Yoga DVD with workouts for pregnant women and stretch your way through pregnancy.

With the right home fitness equipment and the right mindset, you can ease through pregnancy a lot better, stay in shape and keep that body of yours firm and beautiful despite the bump.

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