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Moving While Pregnant: All You Need to Know

Becoming a mother and moving are two experiences in life that will leave you emotional and stressed out at the same time. Having a baby on board can be very exhausting and at the same time joyful. Nausea, morning sickness, fatigue, and cravings can make it difficult for you to carry out normal tasks. Moving houses is a stressful situation where you leave all that you know behind for a brand new start. When you combine the two, you get a stressful situation that seems impossible to handle. Where you cannot even do the dishes without throwing up, you now have to leave the comfort of your home, pack up everything and set it up at a new house. The physical and emotional trauma that comes with moving while pregnant is unbearable.

Moving While Pregnant: All You Need to Know
Moving While Pregnant: All You Need to Know

However, no one said it was impossible! It can be easily done if you just plan ahead and perform all the right steps:

Talk to Your Doctor:

The very first step is to check with your doctor if it is safe for you to lift boxes. Discuss with them how it increases health risks or if it will affect your mental health adversely. If there are any complications involved in your pregnancy such as higher chances of preterm labor, then you might need to sit back, relax, and let others do the job. Most doctors do not recommend women less than 20 weeks pregnant to avoid lifting anything heavier than 18 pounds while for those women over 20 weeks, they should not lift more than 13 pounds.

Organize Properly:

The first step is to have your house cleaned and decluttered. Clearing away all the garbage will help you reduce the moving load. Pregnancy can be hard on the brain and you might end up losing track of things. So, grab a pen and paper and make a list of all the things you need to take to your new house. Find a suitable place for those things that you do not intend on taking with you. Organize them into boxes and check out those items from the list. Try to place similar objects together and mark them. For example, one box could have all of your books and another could have your crockery. This will help you in finally setting it up.

Setting Up the New Home:

Once you move into your new home, start with considering the floor plan of the house. If you bought it from someone else, ask for the plans. However, if you built a house from scratch then, simply ask your floor planner for these designs. These designs help you visualize and define rooms to be designated for particular purposes. For example, the two rooms closer together can be designated for the youngest children or the room next to the kitchen can be a dining room. You can even take part in the designing process as well. There are various planners in every city that can assist you design. Like, Artisan Log and Timber Homes in BC are popular planners that can help you with timber frame house plans, BC. They ensure you get the best designs according to your lifestyle and needs. You can even draw some inspiration from their various design plans.

Keeping the house plan in mind, start with unpacking those boxes that contain items you might need immediately. For example, you do need to immediately set up the bookshelf, instead focus on the beds and mattresses. Empty out the box with the regular crockery, pans, and pots for daily use. Then you can start emptying out the rest of the stuff one box a day. This will ensure you do not put too much pressure on yourself.

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