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Prenatal Walking Workout: Stay Healthy While Pregnant

Being pregnant in the later stages can be tiring and most women tend to stay indoors and avoid getting a lot of movement. Even if they were fit before, they become an unhealthy mess in a month’s time. Most women start to feel low self-esteemed, as they are ashamed of their bodies. However, several women do not realize the significance of a workout during pregnancy. Workouts are designed to lose weight only, but they help you keep your stamina up and get your body healthy.

The walk is the easiest exercise ever! For pregnant women, a light steps walk serves as a calm exercise, which is not too overbearing that it might pose risks to the baby’s health. You need to set up a proper routine for a walk throughout the period.

Prenatal Walking Workout: Stay Healthy While Pregnant
Prenatal Walking Workout: Stay Healthy While Pregnant

Are you mixed up?

The purpose of this article is to let you know about a few walking tips that will help you stay healthy:

Keep it Safe:

Always make sure whatever exercise you are getting into is harmless and requires no exertion on your part. For that reason, it is necessary you first determine your fitness level. Have you exercised before regularly? Were you super fit before the pregnancy? This can assist you to determine a proper walking program for yourself that does not make you tire or require you to overexert yourself.

Always keep a lookout for any danger signs like bleeding, heart or lung pain, pain in the womb, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, swelling, et cetera. If these signs are evident, stop your workout immediately. Ensure that during the hardest part of workout you can talk easily without gasping. This is a great way to know you are not overexerting yourself. On the other hand, you could use a perceived exertion scale; make sure most of your walks fall between 3 and 7 on the scale.

Making an Efficient Program:

Make a walk workout program for yourself based on whether you have exercised before or what trimester you are in currently.

If you are a beginner, start doing walk for just 10-15 minutes a day for first 3 days. Start adding days when you feel like you are ready to exert more. The ultimate goal should be to walk at least 20 minutes four to six times a week.

If you are an expert, you can do 30-40 minutes a day. You can start lengthening up the time or add a few more days until you are exercising for at least 6 days. You can include short bursts of running, climbing, or walking up the stairs. Just ensure that the exercise does not fall above 7 on the scale.

Proper Gear:

The proper gear can make a huge difference to your overall fitness routine. While walking does not require a lot of gear, it requires you to have a water bottle, shoes, and a running belt with you during the workout. The shoes you wear should be cozy and breathable. Your feet might have swollen during the pregnancy so ensure to buy new shoes that fit better.

Running belts can aid you to carry a lot of stuff with you while working out. You can carry your phone, keys, earphones, or any other stuff. The phone holder for running is a great asset, as you do not have to worry about carrying your stuff in your hands. The Pakrat Running belt is perfect for all women. It holds three large pockets for carrying your items as well as a key clip. It has a special port for headphones as well, so you can enjoy your favorite music while working out. This belt embraces high-quality fabric and won’t leave you sweating profusely after the routine. In addition, you can visit outdoorfitlab.com to find out more exciting information about these accessories.

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