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Pregnancy Photo Shoot Tips

Pregnancy is a journey that is worth remembering. The only sure way we can keep memories of our pregnancy is through a photo shoot. Who said that baby bump can’t be flattering, you only need some tips and you will have the best photos of your bump. Some of the tips include:

Posing and angles

The angle of pose is what makes all the difference on how the picture will turn out. As much as the body shape is the main determinant, there are posing tips that you can try to make sure that your bump is flattering.

Pregnancy Photo Shoot Tips

Hands on the belly: This is a good way of drawing attention to the bump as it is natural that the pregnant woman would want to touch their bump.it can be in form of one hand above the bump and one below the bump.

Shoot from a higher angle: This will help in making the baby bump look bigger. You can play around with that creatively for the best shots.

Look down the bump: The lady can look at a static point slightly beside the baby bump. As looking on the bump directly may create a double chin, the lady can look slightly beside the bump

Couples really close: The couple can pose very close to each other but with the lady holding the bump, this will make them look happy together and will still draw attention to the bump.

Standing vs. sitting: in most cases standing is a sure way of flattering a baby bump but you can get creative as well with sitting angles to find a pose that will flatter the bump.


The right pose without composition will not do the trick. You can play around with creativity to make sure that you get the right colors and angles for a flattering photo. Lighting is the main component in getting the right composition.


It is important that the ones doing the photo shoot are able to express their emotions as this will reflect on the photo. Smiling and other ways of expression will make sure that the photos come out in the best way possible.


Wide range lenses are always better as you can shoot from a distance and it will come out perfectly well. Any lenses can be used but the 85mm and 35 mm lenses work very well and will capture the details well.


The location of the shoot has a big influence on how the photo will turn out. It basically depends on the preference of the couple doing the shoot as different people have different preferences. Some would love it in the wild while some would love it indoors, it all depends.


The kind of outfits for the shoots is very important. There are outfits that will flatter the bump more than others. It is also recommended to wear outfits that are not so busy.


With the tips, for sure you will have the best and flattering photos. If you are a photographer and would consider starting a site to show your content on pregnancy photo shoots then you can get a review of SmugMug photography websites to make sure that you get the best site.

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