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Sports You Can Play While You Are Pregnant

Being pregnant is a time to relax and have fun. You cannot do much in this condition, but this does not mean you should do nothing. Exercising while being pregnant is as vital as exercising when you are not pregnant. You should keep up with your daily routines so that you can stay fit and healthy. Various women turn to playing sports when they are expecting. While this is a good idea, it should be treated very carefully. Some sports are unsafe and should not be played.

Sports You Can Play While You Are Pregnant
Sports You Can Play While You Are Pregnant

Indoor basketball

Indoor basketball can be played if you do not run a lot. You can move around with the ball and shoot hoops. For the best indoor basketball, you should search for the various options available to you. Numerous brands produce balls which are safe to play with it and which are not as hard as the real ones. You can get one of these and play easily. A good ball has the perfect bounce to it. It is not a heavy weight and it does not require a lot of strength to pick it up. If you already have a family and friends who are keen on playing basketball, you can join them and become a part of this activity.


Various women do not realize this but you can play tennis while you are pregnant. It is not a competition where you have to run around and use force to win. You can play it by throwing the ball lightly across the court. Tennis allows a perfect balance of exercise, fun, keeping yourself and the baby safe. During the later months, you should resort to light hitting only as you do not want to tire yourself.

Table tennis

Another fun sport to do while you are pregnant is table tennis. Table tennis can even be played while you are sitting on a chair so if you feel very tired, you should try this sport. It will keep your arms in shape and your legs as well. Table tennis also passes the time easily. When pregnant women are bored and do not understand what to do, they should resort to playing this sport. Table tennis is not expensive at all. The rackets, ball, and table can all be bought while staying within budget.


A basic version of volleyball can be played when you are pregnant. You just need to be careful to keep the ball away from your stomach area. It is better to use a lightweight ball that is easy to throw and catch. You should also not jump around too much or play on the front line. Overall this sport is fun if you play it with your friends. It is refreshing and changes the perspective of being pregnant and depending on other people. Just make sure you ask your doctor before starting this sport.


Swimming is an excellent sport when it comes to pregnant women. Many doctors encourage women to go for swimming as it makes them relaxed. The blood flowing in your body after swimming is quicker which is good for you and the baby. There are special classes for pregnant women in most swimming clubs. They teach you how to be safe. In swimming, you need to be able to balance the exercise with the fun. Do not overexert yourself. When you start to feel tired, you can leave and have a good healthy meal.

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