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Ways to Keep Your Face from Getting Dark Marks during Pregnancy

Getting pregnant is a fantastic miracle.  Feeling that baby grow inside you and develop from nothing into a tiny human being is a wonderful experience.  But pregnancy can leave a lot of marks on your body.  Stretch marks, cellulite, increased weight and fatigue are just a few of the disadvantages that come with pregnancy.  But one disadvantage that will probably bother you the most is getting dark marks in your face.  There is nothing that can damper your spirits more during pregnancy than walking around with a dark sun mustache or raccoon like marks under your eyes while you are pregnant.  And these melanin marks don’t always clear up directly after pregnancy.  They can become permanent if you don’t take good care of your face or do what you can to prevent them on your face and concealers often just don’t work to hide dark marks.

Why you are prone to dark marks during pregnancy

When you are pregnant your body creates a lot of hormones.  Some women experience an increase in their melanin production which is responsible for your skin tanning when you are in the sun.  But when your hormones are all haywire due to the pregnancy, these dark marks don’t always appear evenly and can be seen in dark patches on your face.

Stay out of the sun

The sun is what activates the dark patches in these melanin heightened areas in your face.  It is important to stay out of the sun as much as possible when you are pregnant so you can prevent permanent damage in your face.

Drink plenty of water

Water keeps your skin elastic and breaks down some of the melanin in your body which helps you maintain a much more even skin during pregnancy.  Water can also reduce the amount of stretch marks you get during pregnancy so drink up!

Ways to Keep Your Face from Getting Dark Marks during Pregnancy

Get good brushes for better concealer application

A good concealer won’t just hide away dark marks but will also keep the sun from worsening the problem.  You should apply your concealer with a good makeup brush so the concealer will be spread evenly and will look more natural.  SoundBodyLife is a terrific site where you can scout all the best brush sets.  They have reviews on all the best brush sets so you can find the best brush set for your makeup needs. You will also get good clues as to which brushes to get and what brushes to use for different makeup techniques.

Wear sun protection even when not in the sun

It is wise to wear good sun protection even when you aren’t spending time in the sun because UV lights can also darken your skin.  Wear a good sunscreen or BB cream throughout your pregnancy and always wear a hat when you enjoy some time in the sun.

Use a dark mark corrector

A good dark mark corrector will help you lighten the dark marks throughout your pregnancy and might even restore the dark marks completely once your baby is delivered.  You can also give a lemon juice face mask a try to lighten some of the dark spots on your face.

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Signs of a Healthy Pregnancy

If there is one thing that is always important throughout the course of the whole pregnancy, it is highly important that the woman is healthy. There are different things that women are more prone to because of their condition. There are some things that are considered important such as the following:

  • Normal and healthy weight
  • Balanced diet
  • Regular exercise


There are some pregnant women who become shocked to learn they have to do some exercises even when they are pregnant. Probably because of people’s move towards a healthier lifestyle, there are now different exercises specifically created for pregnant women.


If in case you would like to learn other details on how you can verify if you have a healthy pregnancy or not, here are some of the things you have to look for.


Normal blood pressure

Some pregnant women develop a condition similar to diabetes during pregnancy wherein they have to be more careful of the food that they eat because their blood sugar levels may become too high. Pregnant women’s blood pressure levels and blood sugar should always be checked. The blood pressure and blood sugar levels may vary depending on the trimester that you are in.


Well attached placenta

To ensure that pregnant women will not suffer a miscarriage while they are pregnant, it is required that their placenta and their uterus will be in perfect health. In order to make this possible, a well attached placenta on the wall of the uterus is a determining sign of a healthy pregnancy.


Growth rate of fetus

In order to know if the fetus is growing properly, there is a need to check the growth of the baby. The growth of the baby may also rely again on how healthy the mother is. Simply said, how healthy you are will be a determining factor on how healthy your fetus is going to be. If the fetus is not growing properly, this may be a sign that there is not enough oxygen available in the womb for the baby to breathe.


Healthy weight gain

It is only natural that pregnant women will gain a bit of weight while they are pregnant because the extra weight is needed to sustain the baby. Of course, some of the added weight may be due to being bloated and other factors associated with pregnancy. For those who are overweight, they may not be recommended to gain a certain amount of weight that average pregnant women gain during pregnancy.


The growth of the belly

There is a big possibility that the doctor will check the growth of your belly to see if you are having a healthy pregnancy or not. There is a healthy rate available for all pregnant women so if your belly is not growing that well or if has grown too much, the doctor will tell you about it.


Do remember that it is best to be prepared for the coming of your baby by making sure that you have enough funds. Why not try to check your tax refund so that you can add it to your hospital bills? Every little bit will help.

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