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Can I be Vegan and Pregnant?

What to Buy When You Reach the 3d Trimester

There are some vegetarians and vegans who are worried about getting pregnant because they are not sure if their babies would still get enough nutrition without consuming meat. They know that they cannot just start eating meat because their bodies are not used to it anymore but they also do not want to risk the health of their babies.

Studies now show that it is okay to continue your way of eating and be pregnant at the same time. The only thing you need to remember is to do things correctly so you will not risk the health of your child.

It is vital that you are only going to continue with this type of diet if you are a vegetarian or a vegan even before you got pregnant. If you were never a vegetarian before, you cannot just stop yourself from eating meat just because you are carrying your baby inside you.

To make eating vegetarian food products and meals more appealing to your pregnant tastebuds, you can check out Vegancookbook.com. Pregnant women normally have out-of-this-world cravings. Some may crave for various fruits and they would need those fruits at the soonest possible time otherwise they can get cranky. You would like to get food that you can easily prepare but will taste amazing.

There are some essential minerals and nutrients that you need for your pregnancy:

  • Protein – If you would like to improve the cell growth of your baby, get enough protein from various types of vegetables. It is not true that only meat contains protein. Soybeans will provide the type of protein that you need. You need about one half cup of beans. Other sources of protein are nuts and cheese.
  • Vitamin B12 – This is important to ensure that red blood cells will formulate appropriately. There are some breakfast cereals that contain this Vitamins if you are a vegan but if you still eat eggs and other dairy products, these can be your main sources of this important vitamin.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids – This is known to be available in a lot of oily fish. The fatty acids are healthy fats that your growing baby needs in order to improve your baby’s brain and nervous system. If you do not eat fish anymore, you can learn more about the various plant sources like algae and leafy green vegetables. It will also help if you would take some of your doctor’s recommended vitamins.
  • Calcium – This is a mineral that is needed to improve your baby’s bone and teeth health. It can also do a lot for your baby’s overall development. If you are a vegetarian, you can get your calcium from dairy sources but if you are vegan, you need to drink more orange juice and other juices. Make sure that these juices contain enough calcium that will best suit your needs.
  • Iron – This is known to be one of the most important minerals that your baby needs in order to be strong and healthy. This can deliver healthy red blood cells to your baby so that it can grow stronger. You need about 50mg of iron every day. You can get this mineral from beans, prune juices, raisins, spinach and so much more.

As long as you know the right diet to follow, you will be able to get the right vitamins and nutrients for your baby.

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The Best Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

While pregnancy gives you a lot of joy, it comes with its own share of challenges as well. You have to take care of your sleep, diet, exercise, and everything else because all this has an effect on you and your baby. A nutritious and well-balanced diet is something that will benefit your child for the rest of his/her life. A healthy diet can provide your child with the building blocks necessary for his/her growth. Read more to find out what not to eat in pregnancy.

With the hormonal changes in your body, your immune system starts working a little differently, so you need to take better care of your diet than you normally do whatever you consume directly affects your child.

Most women don’tget to knowwhich meat they should consume and which not. Meat is an excellent source of protein but can cause problems if consumed uncooked especially during pregnancy. The plusses and minuses of consuming red meat, poultry, and fish during pregnancy are:

Red meat:

Red meat consists of iron, proteins as well as zinc. All these are very important for pregnant women, but you should be careful while consuming red meat. Processed red meat is a big no. Cheeseburgers and other similar products should be avoided at all costs.

Another thing you should keep in mind before consuming red meat is that your meat should be perfectly cooked. If you are used to eating uncooked steaks, it’s better your challenge your taste buds for your little one. A little carefulness never hurts. Make sure to check the meat before you consume it. Steaks have a different texture and firmness, for that purpose to cut them from in between and check if it is perfectly cooked or not, you need the perfect equipment. You might have seen while eating steaks in a restaurant they give you special steak knives. It’s better you get some of your own as well.

Some of the best steak knives are:

  • Mundial 5100 Series Steak Knife Set

This steak knife set by Mundial has four knives in the set. These knives have serrated edges, so they never require sharpening. They come with a traditional blackhandle, and the blades are made with carbon stainless steel which makes them very durable, and even after its long durability you manage to damage them they come with a lifelong warranty by Mundial.

  • Tyrell steak knives

These steak knives have a long, sleek and modern look. The handles are made up of pakkawood, which is hard and durable. The edges are serrated, so they do not require sharpening and the blades are made of stainless steel to increase durability. The set consists of six knives and comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee by tyrellex.

  • Equinox steak knife set:

Equinox is a renowned and well-reputed company. This steak knife set comes with 16 knives that have a traditional look. The blades are pointed and are made ofhigh-quality steel. The edges of the blades are serrated, hence; no sharpening is required. The handles are made of dark pakkawood, andthese knives have a lifetime replacement quality by equinox.


During pregnancy chicken, turkey and other poultry meat can provide good nutrition, but it is better than you cook it at home and consume. The deli meat should be avoided at any cost as it consists of heavily processed meat and there is a huge risk of thepresence of harmful listeria bacteria. So it is better that you steer clear of restaurant cooked and deli meat. Rather cook yourself a delicious poultry meat meal at home and enjoy.


Seafood is a huge source of nutrition for you and your child. Even if you are not fond of it, you should include it in your diet duringpregnancy. It is the main source of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin D.

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Tips to Staying Healthy While Pregnant

Keeping yourself fit during pregnancy is not an easy job. After all, you are now eating for two so your diet is completely off track. However, many women are able to maintain a healthy lifestyle while being pregnant. It all starts with proper dedication and a proper fitness routine that you can perform during pregnancy. The following tips will allow you to maintain your healthy lifestyle even when pregnant.

Avoid exercises that require you to lie down

Exercises such as crunches or anything that requires you to lie on your back are a big no. When you lie down on your back for long period of time, it reduces the blood flow to you head and the baby, making you dizzy. You don’t want to do that at all. You also don’t want to do exercises that target the stomach region directly as it can restrict blood flow to the child.

Tips to Staying Healthy While Pregnant

Do balance training

Balance training is a great way to maintain your body and rid yourself of fat. It also involves no weight so you don’t put too much strain on any part of your body. Balance training requires nothing, all you need to do is find balance board that is right for you. You can then start to balance yourself on it. You can start with both feet down and then work yourself up to balancing on one feet then moving to the tougher exercises. You can probably do this up until your third trimester, the added baby weight will definitely make it a lot harder for you to balance yourself.

Get the right maternity gear

When working out, you want to ensure you are comfortable. Wear clothes that allow you flexibility, so loose clothing usually works well. You can also find maternity gear that is more suitable for your body that stretches and allows for full range of motion for your body. Whatever you do, you do not want to get clothes that restrict you in any way, making it hard for you to work out.

More pregnancy friendly exercises

When pregnant, you want to take it slightly easy on your body. You don’t want to increase any chance of harming the baby. So you typically stay away from weights. You can pick up exercises that are not so strenuous like light walking, swimming, or parental yoga. These will help you stay active and keep some fat off while also not pose a threat to your baby.

Rest up

Make sure no matter what routine you adopt to stay healthy, you get proper rest after it. You need to make sure you and your baby recoup after the workout so taking naps afterwards is recommended. The last things you want to do are over work yourself and injure yourself. Poor sleep can also lead to complications so you need to make sure you get proper rest.

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Try Loop Bands for Pregnancy Safe Workouts

More and more women are benefiting from workouts during their pregnancy.  They can control their weight throughout the pregnancy and get back in shape much faster once the new baby is delivered.  Infants are also much healthier because their mothers are much healthier.  There are however a lot of exercises that are risky during pregnancy such as pushups and sit-ups.  If you have a high risk pregnancy then you might even be completely restricted when it comes to working out.  It is important to always consult with a doctor before starting on some workouts to ensure that both you and the baby will be as safe as possible.

Safe pregnancy workouts with loop bands

Loop bands are great for pregnancy workouts because you can do it from the comfort of your home and control how much effort you put into the workouts.  Loop bands or resistance loop bands are made of 100% natural latex and consists of a set of bands that vary in strength.  The light and medium bands are used for upper body workouts while the heavier bands are for your legs.  Loop band workouts consist of a series of stretches and pulls done with the bands to build muscles and to tone your body. Flex Active Sports bands are the best ones that you can get for your home.

Try Loop Bands for Pregnancy Safe Workouts

Top loop band workouts that pregnant women can do.

The workouts are not meant to give you a six pack while you are expecting since that is never going to happen.  You are only doing the workouts to control your weight gain and to maintain good physical health. These leg workouts are great for firming and toning your thighs and bottom.

Lateral band walk – Wrap one of the heavier bands around your legs, bend down slightly and step out to the side while stretching as far as you can.  15 steps for each leg is a good start.

Standing leg extensions – With the loom band around your legs, do 15 – 20 reps for each leg and stretch it out as far as you can.

Lying hip abductions – Lie down on your side, wrap your band around your legs and support your head with your elbow while you stretch your legs as high upwards as you possibly can.

To firm up arm flab and shoulders you can try the following easy workouts;

Overhead triceps press – take the loop with one hand to the back of your head and hook your other hand at your hips behind your back into the hoop.  Now stretch it out as far as you can and rotate your arms for sets of 15.

Boob firmer – This workout is a must for breastfeeding moms.  You simply hook your band around the top of a door above your head and stretch the band downwards with both hands so the band stretches out from behind you to strengthen your chest.

Jab cross – Wrap the band around your body and hook your arms into the band while you do quick jabs so the band stretches over your back to firm flabby arms.

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