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Skin Care Tips for Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, your body goes through multiple hormonal changes, and just as they affect vital organs, they affect your skin. People may experience different changes in their appearance with pregnancy. Some folks start getting a radiant glow in their skin, while others face dark circles and acne breakout on their skin.

The way you pay attention to your diet, you also need to take care of your skin to avoid skin related problems. Pregnancy can cause redness and irritation on your skin. However, with proper care, you can avoid these mishaps.

Skin Care Tips for Pregnant Women
Skin Care Tips for Pregnant Women

Read some useful tips for your skin care routine during pregnancy:


Cleansing aids you unclog, clogged pores that result in acne breakouts. Apart from this, clogged pores can also result in blackheads that are unhealthy and unpleasant to look at. During pregnancy, you should go for non-residue or glycerin-based facial cleanser that cleanses your skin and is completely safe for your baby.


A good moisturizer is extremely significant for your skin whether you are pregnant or not but during pregnancy, you have to learn more about the risks that come with the products you are using as you are affecting your child as well.

Antioxidant creams present on the market as anti-aging creams can benefit you a lot during pregnancy even though your skin has no signs of aging. While you are pregnant, the fetus attracts a lot of nutrients towards itself, at this time you have to take care of the needs of your body as well as the needs of your baby. Antioxidant creams are loaded with nutrients that revive your skin; they assist in leveling the quantities of nutrients and moisture in your skin that has been lost over time.

Try a few best and safe creams to use during pregnancy:

  • Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Aging Cream:

Elizabeth Arden is one of the oldest and trustworthy cosmetic companies around the globe. Even though it is expensive, you can trust Elizabeth Arden products no matter what.

The Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Aging Cream gives your skin a boost of nutrients and revives it glow, it reverses any damages caused by ultra-violet rays and also moisturizes it deeply. It is a night therapy cream and gives the best results.

  • Replenix Power Of Three Cream:

This cream by Replenix uses natural ingredients to nourish your skin. It uses natural green tea that can reduce redness and inflammation in your skin caused by pregnancy. It fights the radicals that make your skin dull and brings your skin to a single tone.

It is reasonable as compared to other high-end antioxidant creams and gives results that are at par with other high-end products.

Acne treatment:

Women who have acne prone or oily skin will most probably face a lot of acne breakouts during the first three months of pregnancy, and you might not be able to take medications for these. The best and safe way of treating these breakouts is using the products that have alpha hydroxy acid, glycolic acid, witch hazel or topical erythromycin (prescription only) but make sure you consult a doctor before getting any kind of medicated product.

Always you use natural face packs and ingredients to get rid of acne during pregnancy.


Using minimal makeup during pregnancy is recommended but still if you are a makeup enthusiast and don’t want to give makeup up for nine months, always check the ingredients used in your makeup products. Some ingredients might be completely safe for you to use but might hurt your baby. Always keep your eyes open and ensure all the ingredients in the products you are using are safe for your baby.

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